Once Fired Pistol Brass

Our once fired pistol brass has been cleaned, polished, and inspected. This brass is high quality and ready to load. Orders usually ship within 2-4 business days. 100% Money Back Guarantee. **Multiple orders will receive combined shipping refund (Please see FAQs for more information)**

What To Know About Brass Once Fired

Brass once fired is the term used when referring to a type of casings of shells. These are casings that have been fired, hence the name. Brass or nickel types are considered less costly than those that are bought new from a store. For this reason, these are a popular choice for those who enjoy recreational shooting.

Often these are gathered up from firearms training places, both federal and state. Sometimes the units are taken from privately owned shooting ranges. The pieces are inspected and then sorted by type and size. Once the sorting process is complete, casings are packaged up and sold to recreational and commercial reloaders.

A person who buys these casings does so with the understanding that they come as they are. That is, there is no guarantee that the units will be blemish free. With that said, many people do not have problems because the units are reconditioned and cleaned for use with reloaders.

It is also beneficial to purchase these kinds because they are easy to find in large quantities and available at an affordable price. There are many dealers who offer these packages in bulk. Individuals who regularly participate in reloading will prefer to cheap price tag. People may also sell their casings that are left over to companies that do this re-manufacturing work. Metals of this type are considered valuable and wholesalers purchase them from consumers in order to resell.

Not every casing will be the same. Refurbished kinds are sent through inspection and verified for caliber. There are some distributors who will have them polished and there are some that choose not to. Items that have gone through more processing are expected to reload easier. Pay attention to the grade, as the ideal one includes those that have been polished, deprimed and cleaned.

Those who enjoy reloading or have guns may want to know more about brass once fired. These casings are usually available at a low cost and come in bulk. They are meant for reloaders. Research to find a brand that offers the right casings for your needs.