We will purchase your once-fired brass.  We are always looking for mixed range brass, brass sorted by caliber, and other types.

We will trade brass too.

If you have some once-fired brass that you don’t want any more or work at a shooting range or facility who’s looking for a good outlet for the fired casings, email us at sales@topbrassreloading.com or call 844-230-1911




Brass Must:

  • Be once-fired.
  • Not be corroded or overly dirty.
  • Reloadable (No Berdan Primed Casings.)


  1. Agree upon price, shipping, etc.
  2. Ship the brass to us.
  3. Receive and Inspect.  May take up to 3 days.
  4. Payment will be transferred.
    • Escrow services add 3.25% ($25.00 Minimum.)

3 thoughts on “We Buy Brass!

  1. Ray Hedington

    I would like to trade some 223wssm new in sealed bag Winchester for 45 long colt brass If interested please email or tax 574 933 4979 for a faster response. Thanks Ray

  2. Michael Phillips

    I’m looking for a place to sell about 30,000 5.56 LC brass and 30,000 9mm Federal brass that is within 400 miles of Fort Worth, Texas.

  3. bill c.

    I am facilitating the sale of approx. 6,000 lbs of mixed brass from a Midwest police dept. if you would give me an idea of what you are paying for some good once fired 40 s&w and poss some .223 brass, please.

    Thank You.

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